Cheese Fermentation: Controlling pH level with ATC, via EUSB directly on your PC and save. Simply connect your electrodes to the corresponding inputs and the EUSB cable, plug your pump to the TTL control line run our full features software and get in control.


Interval control, full process timeout control and pH level control, pH logging, pH reading. On-line database and remote reading via the web, print reports--Yes we got them all.




Yes, the board includes on board pre-installed free EUSB firmware!



Fermentation system with pH controlled pump has never been easier



pH level control screen shot (shown above) 





pH + ATC + control main screen shot (shown above) 




Simple to use. Control EUSB-kits directly from your personal computer (PC). 

Our philosophy is that "NO KID or SCIENTIST WILL BE LEFT BEHIND!"



Click here to download the free demo software code for Win98/98SE/ME/WinNT/2000/XP operating system. (Win98/SE/ME,2000, NT or XP are trademarks of Microsoft Corp.)


Please be advised, the demo software is provided for free, on as-is basis, without any warranties. Run or download it on your own risk!


All you need to do is plug-in the kit via EUSB cable to your PC, run the free demo software, and viola, log, control external pump  and  read pH values with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC).