Build your own industrial dual output power supply, with two fix output DC voltages (from -/+ 5VDC) and save. 


Simply connect the board to Central-Tap (CT) transformer low voltage transformer (up to 2 * 24VAC) and get positive (+V) and negative (-V) Voltages referencing to common ground on the output. 


Mount and power it--and you're in business. 


Drive your Operational Amplifier (OP-AMP) board etc. The boards will allow you to easily power all your CMOS or Op-Amp components. The Terminal Block TB connector is included and makes it easy to use. 


Starting at $46 with your output DC voltage requirements. Output voltage can be customized as needed :


+5VDC, +9VDC, +12VDC, +24VDC on the positive output & -5VDC, -9VDC, -12VDC, -24VDC




Note: Due to the regulator construction difference, use dual heat-sink (if needed), one for the LM78XX, and one to the LM79XX. Additionally, Please be advised wires and transformer are for demonstration only and sold as options







Transformer with central tap (CT) configuration, see schematic below.