Build your own industrial 1.25 to 24V DC output adjustable power supply, with enclosure with DIN-RAIL mount and save. 


Simply connect the board to any of our VAC "Calss 2" or "Power" transformer and get positive (+1.25 to +24V) on the output by setting the multi-turn trimmer. 


Mount and power it--and you're in business. 


Drive your HAVC electronic boars etc. The Terminal Block (TB) connector is included and makes it easy to use. 


Adjustable Output Positive Voltage Power-Supply (Adj. output 1.25V to 24 VDC) is an electronics board (kit) that allows you to connect up to 30V AC or DC on one side of the board and get adjustable VDC regulated on the other side. Every lab should have a few of these boards handy. The boards will allow you to easily power all your analog components (i.e. op-amp). The Terminal Block TB connector is included and makes it easy to use. 




              Standard Board                             With optional high-current configuration




Constant output voltage can be customized as needed 1.25VDC to 24VDC




Note: Use heat-sink (if needed). Additionally, Please be advised heat-sink, Din-Rail mounting clip, wires and transformer are sold as options.




Shown above high-current settings adj. power supply board with heat-sink and wires options.


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