Build your own AIR IN LINE SENSOR. 


Air-In-Line and switch interface board. Non-contact fluid detection.


The INTERFACER-AILS board is designed to perform two functions:


1. To detect and change output voltage as a result of air trapped inside a clear tube. 


2. To remove bouncing voltage from mechanical switch to voltage converters.


The INTERFACER-AILS is easy to install, setup and operate. If you want to do professional flow measurement, air-bubble free, related functions-- The INTERFACER-AILS offers the features you need. Mounted easily via two 0.125" mounting holes.


Simply connect the board to 5VDC (shown bellow power via our USB 3 I/O board), place the tube inside the Opto-coupler, adjust it via trimmer (P1) to catch air-bubble. See below, picture. The board output voltage will change level and remain at this point until the bubble moves from the Opto-coupler central axis.  


The INTERFACER-AILS unique non-contact fluid interface board and sensor (photodiode) combination is design to detect air bobble in blood, plasma and intravenous fluids or any other applications that require feedback and verification of the presence of liquid and/or air bobble in the liquid flowing throw clear tubing of 0.25 OD or less.


The INTERFACER-AILS board with sensor combination uses the difference in refractive properties between the air-bobble and or unfilled tubing to filled one. On board multi-turn trimmer adjustment, for setting this detection level for optimum preference.


Detection of air bubbles in liquid has never been easier. Shown wired to our 3 I/O via USB board. detect the air bubbles directly on your PC (Personal Computer).