Build your own Conductivity meter and/or controller and save. Simply connect your Conductivity cell (conductivity electrode, Probe) to the input via Terminal Board (TB) and the output to analog to digital converter (ADC), Digital voltmeter (DVM), Analog Voltmeter, micro-controller (MC) or PLC. Power the board and get reading.









Shown above (OEM front & side views) EID-1599KBK Enclosure with DIN-RAIL-CLIP option, Input via TB, and Output/Power wires



Many  OEM configurations--configure  it your way. Ask our application engineers for more help.


  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Waste water treatment

  • Drinking water

  • Water Coler

  • Salt measurement

  • Pool

  • Bleeding Valves

  • Chlorine generator salt level readings

  • Industrial TDS reading

  • Field conductivity or TDS measurements

  • Lab conductivity or TDS measurements

  • Pool, spa water quality