PROBER-PH8  - pH Meter and logger

The PROBER-PH2,4, or 8 system is designed to perform up to eight pH or ORP measurement functions. If used properly, it will eliminate the need for two to eight different machines which would otherwise be needed to carry out the same tasks.

PROBER-PH8 is an eight-channel pH monitor plus logger for the personal computer (PC). The PROBER's program was designed and developed for use with the Microsoft Windows operating system. This makes PROBER-PH8 easy to install, setup and operate. So, if you want to do professional pH related data acquisition and analysis, PROBER-PH8 offers the features you need, all within the familiar Windows operating environment.

The PROBER-PH2,4 or 8 provides a full range of features in a compact, easy-to-install, and easy-to-use unit. You will be able to control all functions from your PC conveniently.

PROBER-PH2,4 or 8 Features

  • Software package. 

  • Displaying pH/mV for all 8 channels on your monitor.

  • Average pH/mV display for all channels selected on your monitor.

  • Supports up to 8 channels.

  • PC capable.

  • Display data (pH or mV) on your PC monitor.

  • Stores (log) data to disk, zip-drive, CD and more.

  • Support EID -RS232 commuter connection interface. Controls remotely/Locally. from the PC. EID-RS232 cable eliminates the need for extension wires.

  • Power directly from standard outlet (110VAC 60Hz) European model available.

  • Calibrated directly in C ,F or K.

  • Display pH in both unity and fraction methods.

  • Log pH, time and average pH for each sensor simultaneously.

  • Easy configuration menu.

  • Small size unit fits almost anywhere, on your laboratory table on in the field.

  • Automated calibration set-up.

  • 2 point calibration.

  • Compatible with pH and ORP sensors from many sensor manufacturers.

  • The unit uses Nerstian's slope factor for maximum accuracy.

  • Nerstian's equation parameters can be selected manually or automatically.

  • 12bit +sign analog to digital converter for heights accuracy.

  • Linear scale factor 0 to 14 pH.

  • Rated for full -2 to 19.999 pH range.

  • Operates on low voltage and low current.


  • Capacity                               up to 8 Channels per unit.  

  • Max. PC configuration              up to two units can connected one PC

  • Built in power supply               AC 110/220 [Volt], 50/60 [Hz]

  • input voltage scale                 +/- 2500.000 [mV]

  • pH scale                               -2 to 19 [pH]

  • Dimension                              8 x 2.75 x 6  

  • Max power consumption           2.25W

  • Storage temperature               40 - 70 [F]

  • operating temperature             50 - 70 [F]

  • PC connection via                   EID-F-F RS232

  • low board DC voltage               -5 [V] and +5 [V]

  • On screen temp calibration       [C], [F] and [K]


  • Range (linear factor)                -55 to 150 [C]

  • Resolution                               0.1 [C]

  • Relative accuracy                    +/- 0.01 [C]


  • Range                                    0.000 to 14.000 [pH]

  • Resolution                               0.001/0.01/0.1/1 [pH]

  • Relative accuracy                     +/- 0.001 [pH]

  • Accuracy at 25 C                     +/- 0.00065 [pH]

  • Accuracy  at full range              +/- 0.009 [pH]


  • Range (linear factor)                 +/- 2500 [mV]

  • Resolution                                0.001 [mV]

  • Relative accuracy                     +/- 0.005 [mV]


* Prices are subject to change without notice. 

   Additional 10% discount with student ID USA only.




PROBER-PH8 110V/60Hz AC SOFT. V2.0 EID-0PROBER-0PH8-A008 479.00
PROBER-PH4 110V/60Hz AC SOFT. V2.0 EID-0PROBER-0PH4-A004 459.00
PROBER-PH2 110V/60Hz AC SOFT. V2.0 EID-0PROBER-0PH2-A002 449.00
PROBER-PH2 220V/50Hz AC SOFT. V2.0 EID-0PROBER-0PH8-B008 479.00
PROBER-PH2 220V/50Hz AC SOFT. V2.0 EID-0PROBER-0PH4-B004 459.00
PROBER-PH2 220V/50Hz AC SOFT. V2.0 EID-0PROBER-0PH2-B002 449.00
PROBER-PH2/4/8 SOFT.V2.0 EID-0PROBER-0SFT-0020 39.99
PROBER-PH2/4/8 SOFT. V2.2 EID-0PROBER-0SFT-0021 99.99
EID-F-F RS232 CABLE 6' EID-0PROBER-0232-0002-6 14.99
EID-F-F RS232 CABLE 10' EID-0PROBER-0232-0002-10 18.99
POWER CABLE 110V/60 Hz 6' EID-0PROBER-0PWR-110A 9.99