EID - RS232 Communication Cables are durable and suitable for a wide range of applications. 


EID – RS232 DB-9 Pin Assignments:

  • FG (Frame Ground)

  • Pin 1 DCD (Data Carrier Detect)

  • Pin 2 RD (Receive Data)

  • Pin 3 TD (Transmit Data)

  • Pin 4 DTR (Data Terminal Ready)

  • Pin 5 SG (Signal Ground)

  • Pin 6 DSR (Data Set Ready)

  • Pin 7 RTS (Request To Send)

  • Pin 8 CTS (Clear To Send)

  • Pin 9 RIN (Ring Indicator) not connected


You “must” have the right serial cable to make the connection to our product. All of the pins on the cable must be properly connected, not just 2 and 3 swapped for a simple null modem. Again it is important that you use only EID approved serial cable with all EID Products.



Description and SKU#



Female to Female RS232 CABLE Min.  6'

EID-0PROBER-0232-0002-6 for PROBER's

EID-FLIPPER-0232-0002-6  for FLIPPER




Female to Female RS232 CABLE Min.  10'

EID-0PROBER-0232-0002-10 for PROBER's

EID-FLIPPER-0232-0002-10 for FLIPPER