Our pH, ORP, ISE Electrode are light-weight and durable, suitable for a wide range of applications. Mating is by a 2-stud bayonet lock (BNC "male" type connector).  You can rely on your EID electrode to deliver dependable measurements now and well into the future. All of our pH, ORP and ISE electrodes can be use it with your PROBER-PH8 Meter/Logger for the highest accuracy and maximum performance.


Our pH, ORP, Reference and ISE electrodes are furnished standard with a 3-foot low noise coaxial (RG-174) cable and BNC connector. Cable extension lengths up to 12 feet are available.


We offers many types and styles of pH, ORP, Reference and ISE electrodes. We will customize them for you. Let us know the style you are looking for and we will produce to your specifications. Contact EID Sales team for more details. Join the thousands who use them every day worldwide. 


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Epoxy body pH electrodes starting from $49.70



ELECTRODER - General Purpose pH Electrode (GPH)


Glass ORP electrodes starting from $49.70


ELECTRODER - refillable Glass body ORP Electrode (FGO)


ISE electrodes starting from $175.99


ELECTRODER - Mono ISE Electrode (MIX)


Gas sensing ISE electrodes starting from $175.99

ELECTRODER - ABS body Gas Sensing ISE Electrode (AGI)