INTERFACER-LHR4  LO-HI input relay boards


The INTERFACER-LHR4 board is designed to turn four relays on and off as a direct response to low voltage inputs.


If used properly, it will eliminate the need for expensive units, which would otherwise be needed to carry out the same tasks.


INTERFACER-LHR4 is easy to install, setup and operate. If you want to do professional high voltage switching related functions, INTERFACER-LHR4 offers the features you need. Mounted easily via eight 0.125" mounting holes.





Note: Due to the unique design of the board , the VCC and GND of each relay channel is a daisy chain on the PCB. Therefore use only one couple of VCC and GND to power the board. 


You can cut the board on the dash line so that you will have 4 individual relay boards. In this case each board should power separately.




  • Built-in relay on LED indicator for each relay.

  • Power source is chained on the board mechanically.

  • Also, designed to operate from 12VDC car battery.


  • PCB material                            FR4

  • Relay switch min. rating            110V/3A other values are available

  • Max power consumption            0.5W

  • Storage temperature                40 - 70   [F]

  • Operating temperature              32 - 140 [F] (0 to 60C) @ 95% RH

  • Low board DC voltage               12 [VDC]

  • Power source                          12V battery or 12VDC

  • Relay on  indicator                   LED Green or Red

  • Wires Connections                   Via terminal-block

  • Manufactured                          100% in USA



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INTERFACER-LHR4 Quad Relay board



NTERFACER-LHR4 Quad Relay board with 6" wires (6).