INTERFACER-LHR2  LO-HI input relay boards


The INTERFACER-LHR2 boards are designed to turn two relays on and off as a direct response to low voltage inputs.


If used properly, it will eliminate the need for expensive units, which would otherwise be needed to carry out the same tasks.


INTERFACER-LHR2 is easy to install, setup and operate. If you want to do professional high voltage switching related functions, INTERFACER-LHR2 offers the features you need. Mounted easily via four 0.125" mounting holes.





Note: Due to the unique design of the board , the VCC and GND of each relay channel is a daisy chain on the PCB. Therefore use only one couple of VCC and GND to power the board.




  • Built-in relay on LED indicator for each relay. 

  • Power source is chained on the board mechanically.  

  • Also, designed to operate from 12VDC car battery.


  • PCB material                            FR4

  • Relay switch min. rating            110V/3A other values are available

  • Max power consumption            0.5W

  • Storage temperature                40 - 70   [F]

  • Operating temperature              32 - 140 [F] (0 to 60C) @ 95% RH

  • Low board DC voltage               12 [VDC]

  • Power source                          12V battery or 12VDC

  • Relay on  indicator                   LED Green or Red

  • Wires Connections                   Via terminal-block

  • Manufactured                          100% in USA



* Prices, P#, SKU# and colors are subject to change without notice. 




INTERFACER-LHR2 Dual Relay board



NTERFACER-LHR2 Dual Relay board with 6" wires (6).