Our Industrial Process Electrodes are light-weight and durable, suitable for a wide range of applications.  You can rely on your EID process electrodes to deliver dependable measurements now and well into the future. 


When long distance requires, or when using the electrode in a industrial nosy environment, use our pH/ORP unity gain amplifier AMPER-PH1


Jump into the 'perfect pool,' with our 1/2" NTP pH and ORP electrodes models ELECTRODER- SPH & SOR


ELECTRODER - Screw-On pH Electrode (SPH)

pH combination electrode, in-line with 1/2" NPT, ABS body, teflon junction 12mm * 120mm, 0-14 pH range



ELECTRODER - Screw-0n ABS body ORP Electrode (SOR)

ORP combination electrode, in-line with 1/2" NTP, ABS body, teflon junction, removable guard, 12mm * 120mm, platinum band


Easy sensor replacement, probe model ELECTRODER-FRC


ELECTRODER - Field Rebuildable pH/ORP Electrode Cartridge and housing (FRC)


In-Line fully submersible probe  model ELECTRODER-IIS


ELECTRODER - In-line Submersible Electrode (IIS)


Easy installation with our Twist & Lock probe model ELECTRODER-TLE



ELECTRODER - Twist & Lock Electrode (TLE)


Fit on many industrial application. Standard process connection via EID's 1" and 1.5" mounting adapter. Probe model ELECTRODER-IIN


ELECTRODER - In-line 1" and 1.5" mounting Submersible Electrode (IIN)


Many of you asked us -- what are the purchase volume requirements for custom labeling?

Custom labeling requires minimum purchasing quantities of 50 units