The POE-INJECTER/TAPER, a Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injector and tap boards, are an adaptors that eliminates the need to run high voltage power 110VAC to remote wireless access in order to power RF transmitters/receivers, Ethernet cameras etc. By using Power over Ethernet power injector/taper combination, all  the installers need is to run a single CAT3, CAT5 or CAT5E Ethernet cable that carries both power and data to each remote device, therefore decreasing installation costs.


PoE begins with a CAT3, CAT5 or CAT5E or CAT6 (fast Ethernet cable) power voltage Injector, that inserts a DC Voltage onto the cable. The Injector is typically installed in the wiring closet near the Ethernet hub or switch.


The INJECTER-PS48 is comply with IEEE standard 802.3af, also known as Power over Ethernet (PoE), it will enable applications that require up to about 12 watts of power at 48VDC over the same category 5/5E/6 cable that already delivers your standard 10/100/1000Mb Ethernet service.


Some wireless Access Points (AP) and other network accept the injected DC power directly from the CAT5 cable through their RJ45 jack (8 pins connector). These devices are considered to be PoE or active Ethernet compatible.


Any devices that are not PoE Compatible can be converted to Power-over-Ethernet by way of a DC-tap. The DC-tap is a device that converts the DC Voltage that has been injected into the CAT5 or CAT5E cable by the Injector and makes it available to the equipment through the regular DC power jack.




INJECTER-PS48 PoE power over the Ethernet injector is shown above in a full configuration

with optional Capacitors and a Red power  indicator LED




TAPER-PS48 PoE power over the Ethernet tap for remote location

is shown above in a full configuration

with optional Capacitors and a Red power  indicator LED



This Do It Yourselfer (DIY) kit/board is very simple to connect and save you great deal of money in compare with similar devices sold on the market.


The INJECTER-PS48 is the only PoE injector you will ever need. this single port CAT5 or CAT5E Injector is a commercial grade passive power over Ethernet unit that provides DC power for remote PoE equipped. It is compatible with many AP’s and other equipment supporting the IEEE standard PoE pin-out. Pin 4 together with pin 5 as a +VDC positive power, and pin 7 together with pin 8 -VDC negative power.


Simply connect your Ethernet source (connector) to the RJ45 jack marked Input, connect the power source to the terminal block. Place Cat5/E cable from the RJ45 marked Output to your remote equipment. At the remote location tap (strip) the power from the cable, regulate the power via any one of our power supply regulators kits or boards that match your equipment requirements.


The INJECTER-PS48 kit design as a high speed Ethernet power injector. 


The inject power can be any DC voltage up to 48VDC. Remember due to power lost over distance (resistance of the wires), the shorter the distance the lower injector power is require to power your remote APs.


Finally it is a good practice to connect the negative power supply to the building ground to prevent damages during lightning.






The OEM TAPER-VX (X=your specified voltage AC or DC) custom board is provided heat-think to remove access heat on the remote applications. (see below sample configuration).





Above picture is our OEM board with build-in power regulator. The board, can be mounted in on of our plastic enclosure of your choosing.


The above board configuration is design to filter and regulate 12V to 24V DC input, to stable output of 5V DC.


For our 110V or 220V to 12VAC or 16VAC or 24VAC Power down transformer (Class 2 Type Transformers EID-BP series) click Here



Mounting Option


Simply snap the Din-Rail mounded enclosure into your NEMA 4 box (enclosure) for watertight applications



The board POE Injector shown above mounted in EID-1593KBK black ABS plastic instrument enclosure with Din-Rail mounting options



The board POE Remote Taper shown above mounted in EID-1593KBK black ABS plastic instrument enclosure with Din-Rail mounting options



Plastic enclosure and Din-Rail-clip are sold separately (for demonstration only).



  • Power Indicator:                Red LED

  • Operating Temperature:      -50° C to +90° C

  • Max output current:           Up to 2A at 12VDC

  • Power Connector via:          Molex 2P terminal block

  • Ethernet connectors:          Dual RJ45 2*8-pins Jack

  • Data lines first pair:            Pin 1 and 2

  • Data lines second pair:        Pin 3 and 6

  • CAT5/E Power +VDC:          Pins 4 & 5

  • CAT5/E Power -VDC:           Pins 7 & 8




INJECRT-PS48 POE Schematic






* Prices, SKU#, P# and colors are subject to change without notice. 

INJECTER-PS48, PoE injector

Description and SKU#



EID-K-INJ-ECTER-XXV-ASM Fully assembled




Remote side Tap





Dual RJ45 Combo for injector or taper POE

EID-K-RJ45-COMBO-2 Fully assembled




Dual RJ45 Combo for injector or taper POE with 2* 8 pins

EID-K-RJ45-COMBO-2X Fully assembled




Remote side Tap Power supply 5V

Description and SKU#


EID-K-TAP-XXXER-TPS05V-ASM Fully assembled


Remote side Tap Power supply 9V

Description and SKU#


EID-K-TAP-XXXER-TPS09V-ASM Fully assembled


Remote side Tap Power supply 12V

Description and SKU#


EID-K-TAP-XXXER-TPS12V-ASM Fully assembled


Remote side Tap Power supply 24V

Description and SKU#


EID-K-TAP-XXXER-TPS24V-ASM Fully assembled


TAP PS PCB picture: