OEM TRANSDUCER–FCC-ZSC - Differential Input Frequency to Current (4-20mA) or Voltage (1-5V or 2-10V) Converter Industrial Transducer. With Zero and Span adjustments and Auxiliary output.


The TRANSDUCER–FCC-ZSC frequency to current or voltage converter is a pulse signal 1Khz or 10KHz  frequency to (Proportional) current voltage transducer board for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), electro-hydraulic and servo electronics; actuator, dampers, bleed pilot valve, globe valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, dampers and more. Commonly utilized as the heart of FCC In-Line Amplifier FCC-ILA.


The TRANSDUCER–FCC-ZSC board is designed to perform frequency to current or voltage conversion (transducer). If used properly, it will eliminate the need for an expensive board, which would otherwise be needed to carry out the same tasks.


The TRANSDUCER–FCC-ZSC  is easy to install, setup, and operate. If you want to do professional frequency to current or voltage or RPM measurement related functions, The TRANSDUCER–FCC-ZSC offers the features you need. It can be mounted easily via 0.125" mounting holes using 4-40 screws.


Simply connect the board to power 24V DC or AC connect your frequency pulse source 0 to 1KHz (or 0 to10KHz) to the input and it will convert it to current 4 to 20mAV or (voltage 1 to 5V or 2 to 10V model depended). In addition One can power external frequency sensor i.e. flow sensor via auxiliary output voltage (+VXR)


Note: 1HZ = 60RPM therefore 1KHz => 60000 RPM and 10KHz => 600000 RPM. We chose output of 4-20mA ( or 2 to 10V) because standard PLC and industrial interface excepts transducers with 4-20mA and 0 to 10V input. Whoever we also have other models.


FCC Model C.  Converting frequency signals (Hz) into current Amps (4-20mA)


Our TRANSDUCER–FCC-ZSC OEM Frequency to Current Voltage Converter (FCC) board is designed to convert a continuous series of digital pulses (frequency) into an current 4-20mA or analog voltage 1-5V or 2-10V. The board is ideal for a close loop control of a motor shaft. The input is designed to accept low level (as low as +/- 60 mV P-P) pulses from magnetic pick-ups or high-level square wave signals from a shaft encoder (as high as +/- 40 V P-P). Model depended; the output current and voltage are positive with a magnitude proportional to the input frequency signal. This FCC board may be used to provide a unidirectional analog velocity signal that is directly proportional to the output from an encoder connected to a rotating shaft. The output maintains a signal linearity and drift too less than 0.3% with temperature drift of less than 0.05% per degree centigrade with a very low ripple, less than 30 mV P-P at 10 KHz. Each frequency to voltage converter module includes controls to set the output signal Zero and Span. Where the Zero output sets for zero input frequency (CW incises). And Span output sets to maximum input frequency (CCW incises). The board operates of 2 wires 24 VDC or 24 VAC power supply. The board’s cage-up Terminal-Block makes it easy to connect to external connections and controls


The TRANSDUCER–FCC-ZSC Module delivers analog 4-20mA or 1 to +5 VDC or 2 to +10 VDC outputs proportional to input pulse rate (frequency). Where it accepts variable pulse rate inputs from a variety of sensors including magnetic pick-ups, with maximum linearity. It the ideal board for supplying velocity feedback in closed loop speed control systems.


The Board operates on the frequency content of a sinusoidal, triangular, or square waveform. Typical transducers include:

 A Magnetic Pick-up detecting a passing Gear-Teeth, Keyway, etc.

 A Photo-Eye that scans alternating opaque and transparent slots.

 A Digital Tachometer or Encoder.

For fast response of Board outputs, it is important that the transducer be located toward the high-speed end of the drive train. For slow shaft speeds, the transducer must be capable of delivering a high number of cycles or pulses per revolution. The transducer should also be capable of delivering a usable output for the entire speed range through maximum speed.

The following formula is convenient for relating machine speeds and sensor frequency output:

Frequency (CPS or Hz) = (RPM * PPR) /60


CPS is Cycle Per Second

RPM is the speed of the shaft where the sensor is located in Revolutions Per Minute.

PPR is the number of Pulses (or cycles) produced by the sensor for one shaft Per Revolution.

High performance in is class; The Industrial board Zero and Span adjustment allows the unit to deliver full-scale output voltage for any input frequency within the limits of frequency range rating. It will provide an ultimate combination of fast response and low ripple.


The TRANSDUCER – FCC-ZSC transducer board is an accurate, linear, and an efficient way to convert industrial standards frequencies  0 to 1KHz, 0 to 10KHz into 4-20mA or 1 to 5V or 2 to 10V industrial standards output current or voltages signals.... See below table "frequency to current industrial standard configuration models".


Note: For systems that requires voltage output i.e. frequency to 0-10V converter, use our OEM Frequency to voltage transducer




precision Fervency-to-Voltage Transducer/Converter/Transmitter


1. Auxiliary output +15V (30mA)

2. Power 24V DC or AC

3. Input Frequency (0 to 1 KHz or 0 to 10 KHz).

4. Output Current or Voltage (4-20mA or 1 to 5V DC or 2 to 10V DC).


Precise calibration with simple SPAN and ZERO adjustments:


5. 1KHz or 10KHz  input 20mA or 5V or 10VDC output model depended multi-turn trimmer Span adjustment.

6. 0Hz - input 0mA or 0V output multi-turn trimmer Zero adjustment, model depended.


7. LED power indicator.

8. Load resistor 250 or 500 Ohms for voltage output.



Frequency to Current or Voltage industrial standard configuration models:


Model #

Input Frequency

Output Current or Voltage







0 to 1KHz

1 to 5V







0 to 1KHz

2 to 10V







0 to 1KHz








0 to 10KHz

1 to 5V







0 to 10KHz

2 to 10V







0 to 10KHz









Mounting Option


Simply snap the Din-Rail mounted enclosure into your NEMA 4 box (enclosure) for watertight applications



EID-1593XTBU Translucent blue ABS plastic instrument enclosure with Din-Rail mounting options, side view



The board shown above mounted in EID-1593XTBU Translucent blue ABS plastic instrument enclosure with Din-Rail mounting options


Plastic enclosure and Din-Rail-clip are sold separately (for demonstration only).





  • 1KHz (or 10KHz) input 4-20 mA or 2-10 VDC (or 2-5 VDC) output multi-turn trimmer both Zero and Span adjustments.

  • Power via 24V DC or DC industrial standard.

  • Converts 0-1KHz frequencies to Current 4-20mA or Voltages 1 to 5V DC or 2 to 10V DC

  • Can be customized to accommodate your input or output frequency and current or voltage requirement.

  • Industrial Standard output of 4-20mA makes the TRANSDUCER ideal for remote sensing applications.

  • Linear current output.  

  • On board trimmer facilitates precise Zero calibration of output current (0Hz input to 4.00 mA output).

  • On board trimmer facilitates precise Span calibration of output current (1KHzinput to 20.00 mA output).


  • PCB material                              FR4

  • Max power consumption               0.5W

  • Storage temperature                   40 - 70   [F]

  • Operating temperature                4 - 140 [F] (-20 to 60°C) @ 95% RH

  • Mounting                                  Four 0.125” (3.1mm) holes

  • Board dimensions                       1.570" & 5.12" (39.8mm * 138mm)

  • Manufactured                           100% in USA



* Prices, SKU#, P# specification and colors are subject to change without notice. 




TRANSDUCER–FCC-ZSC Frequency (0V to 1KHz) to voltage (1V to 5V) transducer (converter) with Zero and Span and terminal-block (7 positions).



TRANSDUCER–FCC-ZSC Frequency (0V to 1KHz) to voltage (2V to 10V) transducer (converter) with Zero and Span and terminal-block (7 positions).



TRANSDUCER–FCC-ZSC Frequency (0V to 1KHz ) to current (4-20mA) transducer (converter) with Zero and Span and terminal-block (7 positions).



TRANSDUCER–FCC-ZSC Frequency (0V to 10KHz) to voltage (1V to 5V) transducer (converter) with Zero and Span and terminal-block (7 positions).



TRANSDUCER–FCC-ZSC Frequency (0V to 10KHz) to voltage (2V to 10V) transducer (converter) with Zero and Span and terminal-block (7 positions).



TRANSDUCER–FCC-ZSC Frequency (0V to 10KHz ) to current (4-20mA) transducer (converter) with Zero and Span and terminal-block (7 positions).



Modified Translucent blue ABS Plastic Instrument enclosures option



Modified Black ABS Plastic Instrument enclosures option



Din rail mounting mounting kit option