METER CND2000 OEM Conductivity meter with built- in temperature compensation.


The METER-CND2000 board is designed to perform conductivity measurement up to 2000 uS/cm. If used properly, it will eliminate the need for expensive conductivity meter, which would otherwise be needed to carry out the same tasks.


The METER-CND2000  is easy to install, setup and operate. If you want to do professional water conductivity measurement related functions, The METER-CND2000 offers the features you need. Wall mounted easily via two mounting holes.


Simply connect the the meter to 11-18VDC or VAC, connect your conductivity cell to the input and the meter will display your conductivity units.


Shown on the right with three positions power switch; momentary, off and on.















On the right picture of METER-CND2000 back side, with wall mounting holes (fit any US industrial standard outlet). 






















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     1. 0-200 uS/cm fine adjustment

     2. range select: 

        0-200 uS/cm

        0-2000 uS/cm

        0-7 mS/cm

     3. 0-2000 uS/cm fine adjustment

     4. Multi-positions power switch

     5. LED power indicator

     6. Zero adjustment

     7. Calibration adjustment

     8. Output via BNC connector

     9. Input via mini-DIN6 connector





















On the left picture of the METER-CN2000 meter with conductivity cup (CUPER-CC2

METER-CND2000 Features


  • Built-in power LED indicator.

  • Zero output multi-turn trimmer adjustment.

  • Calibration multi-turn trimmer adjustment.

  • Multi positions power switch (shipped standard push button power switch)

  • Power via 11-18V DC or AC

  • Built in temperature compensation

  • Accommodate any EID conductivity cell K=1 with 10K thermistor.

  • Can be customized to accommodate your requirement.

  • LCD display

  • Built in oscillator (cell driver)

On board multi-turn trimmers facilitates precise calibration of output readings



  • Input                                      Rated to 0-2000uS/cm

  • PCB material                             FR4

  • Input Filter                               L.P.F. 60Hz

  • Max power consumption              0.5W

  • Temp. Compensation:                set for 10K ohms thermistor

  • Storage temperature                  40 - 70   [F]

  • Operating temperature                32 - 140 [F] (0 to 60C) @ 95% RH

  • Low board DC voltage                 9 [V]

  • Power source                            11-18VDC or VAC

  • Power indicator                          LED Red

  • Adjustment                               Via trimmers

  • Mounting                                  Wall mount via two mounting back holes

  • Manufacture                             100% in USA



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AMPER-CND2000  Conductivity meter push button power switch





AMPER-CNDS  Conductivity meter with 3 positions power switch





AMPER-CND2000  Conductivity meter push button power switch, board only (PCB)





AMPER-CNDS  Conductivity meter with 3 positions power switch PCB only, board only (PCB)