METER 35X EID's instrumentation digital snap-in 3.5 digits panel voltmeter for all your electro-chemistry needs:


The METER-35X 3.5 digits - digital panel meter (DPM) is a universal LCD that can be used as a voltmeter, pH meter, thermometer or any other measuring device. If used properly, it will eliminate the need for expensive displays or voltmeters, otherwise needed to carry out the same tasks.


The circuit features high precision and high input impedance. Powered via 9V Battery. The input voltage is typically up to 200mV floating voltage. On board voltage divider allow the user to customized it to accommodate 0-2V full scale.

Simply use one of our converter boards to convert the display into: ORP meter, pH meter, Flow meter, voltmeter, conductivity meter and more. The uses are endless.


The METER-35X  is easy to install, setup and operate. If you want to do professional voltage measurement related functions, and display them on a 3.5 digits display, the METER-35X offers the features you need. 


Mounted easily. Simply snap it  into square holes. No external screws are required!




Use the XBP pin to drive icons and wire all non-used icon to BP (Back panel) pins.

Digital panel meter (3.5 digits)


Use our Interface board and display to construct your own meter:

pH-meter (pH, ppm)

ORP-meter (uV, mV, V, ppm)

ISE-meter (uV, mV, V, ppm)

Conductivity meter (uS, mS, S, ppm)

TDS-meter (ppm)

Humidity meter  (%RH)

Temperature meter  (F, C, K)

Tachometer (RPM)

Flow-meter (RPM)

Voltmeter (uV, mV, V, ppm)

Battery monitoring meter (Batt icon)

Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)

Dissolve Oxygen (DO) -meter

Ohm meter

High impedance voltmeter (uV, mV, V)


Location indicator meter (1-99)

METER 35X Features

  • Can be customized to accommodate your input voltage requirement.

  • External Reference voltage adjustment via trimmer.

  • 0-2V (option) or 0-200mV (standard) input via high resolution on board analog to digital converter.

  • 3 1/2 digit, 9.5 mm character height display

  • 200mV full-scale input sensitivity

  • 10 pA input current typical

  • Automatic polarity

  • Easy panel mounting

  • 14 analytical icons on display

  • Easy to use decimal point and icons

  • 9V or 5V operation

  • Reflective mode

Specifications, Electrical Characteristics - Ta=+25C

  • Input voltage (standard)              +/- 200mV. Additional voltage ranges configurations are available.

  • Input Impedance                         >1M Ohms

  • Decimal point                             Configured (on board selection)

  • PCB material                               FR4 (UL approved

  • Supply Voltage (VDD=9V)             Min 7V    Typ. 9V  Max 10V  

  • Supply Voltage (VDD=5V)             Min 4.5V Typ. 5V  Max 6V  

  • Supply Current (IDD) for 9V          Typ. 100uA Max 500uA  

  • Supply Current (IDD) for 5V          Typ. 2mA  Max 3mA  

  • Leakage Input Current                 TYp. 1pA  Max 10pA

  • Reference Voltage
    (Factory Adjusted)
                          100mV For 9 volts option only

  • Full Scale                                   Max 200mV  

  • Zero Input Reading                      Typ. +/-0.000 Count

  • Accuracy for 9V
    (Input at 199.5 mV)
                         Typ. +/-2 Count Max +/-4 Count

  • Accuracy for 5V
    (Input at 199.5 mV)
                         Typ. +/-2 Count +/-4 Count

  • Operating temperature                  0 - 50 [C], 32 - 122 [F]

  • Storage temperature                    -40C to +70C

  • Operating relative humidity            90% Max

  • Linearity                                    Typ. +/-1
    (Max deviation from best straight line)

  • Resolution                                  Typ. 100uV

  • Sampling rate                             Typ. 3 Read/Sec Max 4 Read/Sec

  • CMRR                                        Typ. 70dB

  • Temp coefficient                         Typ. 100ppm/C Max 150ppm/C

  • Standard Annunciators (Icons)       m, u, V, S/cm, ALERT, BATT, K, C, F, RPM, pH, ATC, %RH & EID Corp






* Prices, SKU#, P#, specifications, and colors are subject to change without notice. 

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DVM 3.5 digits panel voltmeter 9V