MEET DICER-S6. The fun and easy auto-roll single random sequence LED-dice kit.


Our DICER-S6 has many applications; Play your game with  DICER.  Use the single LED-dice kit anywhere youd like to draw an audience and a smile. No more dice fixing! Use your ESP to guess the next "roll"...The unique small design will allow you to mount kit almost anywhere. Operates with 9V battery, 12V car battery, four 1.5V batteries, or via one of our battery simulator kits. The alternative uses are endless. Its designed for the beginner as well as the expert. Please drop us a line at and let us know the creative ways you and your friends use the DICER!


Do It Yourself (DIY) and enjoy your kit!





DICER-S6 is our automatic LED-DICE kit. It's based on 10 bit counter. Using the LM555 as a random clock generator, it increases the 10 bit counter randomly--therefore light arbitrarily sequences of LEDs. Since we wire pin 5 to the counter RST (reset) pin (pin 15), when the counter reaches the fifth position it automatically goes back to the first position on the next pulse. 


R13 to R16 resistors determines the LEDs brightness and limits the current flow to about 10 to 15mA when running between 9V to 12 VDC corresponding. 


R5 to R12 resistors determines the minimum transistor forward base-current sufficient to turn the transistor on.


At given time only one random output of the counter (U2_Q0 to U2_Q5) is "On" ("1"), and since Q5 is PNP transistor, and Q2, Q3, Q4 are NPN transistors:


U2_Q5 = "1" --> Transistor Q3 = "On", Transistors Q2, Q4, Q5 = "Off" --> Dice = 1 (L4 Light)


U2_Q1 = "1" --> Transistor Q5 = "On", Transistors Q2, Q3, Q4 = "Off" --> Dice = 2 (L1, L7 Light)


U2_Q2 = "1" --> Transistor Q5, Q3 = "On", Transistors Q2, Q4 = "Off" --> Dice = 3 (L1, L4, L7 Light)


U2_Q3 = "1" --> Transistor Q2, Q5 = "On", Transistors Q3, Q4 = "Off" --> Dice = 4 (L1, L2, L6, L7  Light)


U2_Q0 = "1" --> Transistor Q2, Q3, Q5 = "On", Transistors Q4 = "Off" --> Dice = 5 (L1, L2, L4, L6, L7  Light)


U2_Q4 = "1" --> Transistor Q2, Q4, Q5 = "On", Transistors Q3 = "Off" --> Dice = 6 (L1, L2, L3, L5, L6, L7  Light)

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DICER-S6 kit

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