Our BNC Connectors are miniature, light-weight and durable units suitable for a wide range of applications. Mating is by a 2-stud bayonet lock.

Nominal Impedance:     50 Ohms
Frequency Range:                      0-4 GHz 
Voltage Rating:           AC 500V 
Withstanding Voltage:  1500 Volts RMS 
Insulation Resistance:   5000 Mega ohms Min. 
Temperature Range:    67' to 390' F 
Vibration:        Mil. Std. 202 Method 204 
Shock:                        Mil. Std. 202 Method 202
Moisture Resistance:      Mil. Std. 202 Method 105
Body Housing Brass
Male Contact Brass, Gold Plated 
Female Contact Brass, Gold Plated Crimp 
Ferrule Copper
Gasket Silicone Rubber
Dielectric Delrin, Teflon or PBT